Guide to Remote Working

One of our Directors, Kevin Moore, sits down with RTE’s Petula Martyn to discuss all things ‘remote working.’ 

Many companies are being forced to introduce ‘remote working’ as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. As many people find themselves having to work from home questions and queries arise, ‘What do we need?’ ‘How do we achieve goals & meet deadlines?’, ‘How do we hold meetings?’

It can be stressful for those who haven’t worked from home before but it can be good for you. To avoid feeling isolated keep in touch with work colleagues. Communicate when you can via tools such as StarLeaf. One of CT Ireland’s main communication tools is StarLeaf, they provide desktop and mobile applications that allow secure messaging and quick video meetings and calls, equips rooms with easy-to-use video conferencing facilities. The company is also seeing an increase in demand for streaming conferences. Instead of cancelling conferences, or expecting people to travel to them, lots of companies are holding virtual conferences.

With resources like that at our fingertips there is no need for this outbreak to hold back a business. Hold a virtual meeting with anyone, anywhere, any time with the click of a button.


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