How to manage secure video conferences

StarLeaf Room System


As we all know, the current crisis is forcing us all to work in ways that we couldn’t have envisaged just a couple of months back. Whilst many organisations have had remote working systems and structures in place, many other organisations are suddenly finding that they have had to adjust to remote working with little or no preparation. Suddenly, Video Conference systems have become mainstream, and networks are struggling to maintain Quality of Service (QOS) with all the traffic.

And inevitably, the shortcomings of some systems have come to the fore, with stories of security breaches, hacking, and service interruption making headlines around the world.

Our Video Conference Experience

Here at CT-IRELAND, we’ve been installing VC systems for years. Our team have expert knowledge of the pros and cons of all the systems out there. We take into account the things that make the difference between a great experience and a bad experience to make sure your users get the best out of the chosen platform.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a series of features on VC systems and other related technologies to make sure that our clients can commit with confidence to a platform that will enhance their communications, and give their staff and clients the best possible experience.

The StarLeaf App

As if to prove the point, we’ve been using StarLeaf, Teams, BlueJeans, and Zoom internally with our own team and various vendors and clients over the past couple of weeks, so we’ve quite a bit of personal experience to share on the features of these!

StarLeaf meets ISO/IEC 27001 certification,  which means it meets the most stringent standards for security, and ensures integrity of your data and communications.

To download a FREE StarLeaf app and get securely, reliably, communicating right away follow this link: